I Help
Local Business

Find New Customers

By Using

A Customized
Local Business Strategy
That Gets Results !


A Local Business Strategy Designed Just For
Your Business

Web Development

Marketing and Website


Set Up

What Does Your Business Need?


For Those Businesses That Need A Website
  • Discovery Process
  • Set Up Domain Name
  • Set Up Web Hosting
  • Build Website
  • Consultation To Introduce Client To Website

Prices Beginning at $1200 Depending On Your Businesses Needs

Local Marketing

For those Businesses That Want More Customers
  • Local Niche Research
  • Personalized Marketing Plan
  • Google Business Profile (GBP)
  • Bing Local Business Profile
  • Local Business Citations
  • Review Program
  • Options For Blogging
  • Options for Social Media (additional cost)

One Time Investment Of $500


On Going Maintenance Plans

Website Maintenance

  • Monitor General Website Health
  • Monitor and Update Version as Needed
  • Monitor and Update Plugins as Needed
  • Weekly Website Backups
  • Monitor Website Security
  • Monthly Report
  • Options For Disaster Recovery

Basic Maintenance$25/35 Monthly Investment
(includes plugins and core updates as well as constant monitoring & reporting)

Hourly Work For Larger Changes is Available

Local Marketing Maintenance

  • Continuous Local Niche Research
  • Update Marketing Plan
  • Set Up & Mentor Blog
  • Maintain Google Business Profile
  • Maintain Bing Local Business Profile
  • Maintain Local Business Citations
  • Maintain Review Program
  • Weekly Marketing Updates
  • Social Media Available (additional cost)
  • Blogging Available (additional cost)

$250 Monthly Investment

FREE Consultation

Hi, I’m Coach WP, and together with your help, I help you get new customers for your local business.

After taking the time to understand your business and researching your niche, I develop a strategy to get you noticed by Google. Then when they see someone searching for your product, they show you instead of your competitor.

I’ll also build a website for you complete with landing pages that explain to potential customers exactly how you can answer their questions and deliver what they are searching for.

So, let’s talk about how I can help you get online and find more customers.